Garmin’s new VIRB X and VIRB XE cameras

When Garmin launched its first action camera the “VIRB,” I was kinda torn. In general, I like Garmin products, and the feature set on the VIRB was interesting – it didn’t just shoot video, it paired with Garmin watches and heart-rate monitor straps. Why? So that all the action you’re doing isn’t just recorded in video… every heartbeat and the precise spot you were doing it is included too. That’s pretty cool, and should open up some fun opportunities: making edits based on your excitement level, or integrating maps etc. There was one problem, the camera was kinda odd looking. A “shotgun” style body, but bigger, broader than something like a Contour.

I was once talking with a designer for another action camera. That camera was also a similar design (long, rather than a flat square like GoPro). I was asking about how to chest mount it, and basically he tole me that’s the problem – you can’t, not without it being potentially lethal. Danger aside, I never really understood the form factor either, because it rules out so many mounting options (mouth


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